Dr Tom Kelton

Tom Kelton is a highly experienced acupuncturist of 10+ years, working tin the field of
fertility, IVF, and pregnancy care. He holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional
Chinese Medicine) from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and is registered
with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as a Doctor of
Chinese Medicine. Tom is also a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese
Medicine Association (AACMA).

Tom is skilled in various modalities, including acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Chinese
massage (Tui Na), and cupping. His primary area of expertise lies in women’s health,
with a strong focus on fertility and pregnancy support.
Tom receives referrals from midwives at Birth Clinics, including RNS Hospital, as well as
obstetricians and fertility specialists. His practice, Restore, is situated in the heart of
Sydney’s fertility and pregnancy hub, allowing him to work closely with patients
undergoing IVF treatments and pregnant women receiving care at Royal North Shore,
Mater, and North Shore Private Hospitals.

Tom firmly believes that acupuncture plays a vital role in optimizing fertility and
pregnancy outcomes. He collaborates with healthcare professionals, including doctors,
midwives, and doulas, to provide comprehensive care for his patients. Whether
supporting natural conception, IVF cycles, or pregnancy wellness, Tom is dedicated to
helping his patients achieve successful fertility outcomes and healthy pregnancies.

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