Our Solutions

Explore our holistic wellness solutions tailored to your unique needs. From pain relief to stress reduction, our treatments promote overall health and wellbeing.

Combat insomnia and alleviate stress with our specialised treatments. Perfect for those struggling with sleep issues and high stress levels.

Suffering from neck or back pain? Is a shoulder or achilles tendon issue keeping you from your favorite activities? We can help!

Address ageing concerns with our holistic therapies. Improve vitality, manage menopause symptoms, and promote overall health and wellness.

Treat eczema, urticaria, vitiligo, acne prone skin and psoriasis with our dermatology services. Achieve healthier, clearer skin with personalised care.

Support your recovery after childbirth with our treatments. Regain strength, balance hormones, and improve overall wellbeing of the postpartum journey.

Our Pregnancy and Labour Support service combines acupuncture, osteopathy, and massage to alleviate common pregnancy complaints, promote relaxation, and prepare the body for labour.

Our Fertility and IVF Support service at Restore Wellness uses acupuncture to enhance natural and IVF fertility cycles, addressing issues like irregular ovulation, hormonal imbalances, and stress.

Suffering from swollen arms or legs? Experiencing Lymphoedema post breast cancer? Try Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage.

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