Dr Sarah Lal

Sarah graduated with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy in London before moving to Australia in 2015. Here in Sydney, she completed a postgraduate degree in counselling and is now finalising her Masters of Psychotherapy. Sarah has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and helps people with psychosomatic presentations, chronic pain, and general mental health care with an emphasis on somatised Childhood Trauma. Her approach establishes a safe space before delving into your concerns.

With a decade of clinic experience, Sarah developed her post-graduate osteopathic training in pregnancy treatment and thoroughly enjoys helping expecting parents. Nowadays, Sarah primarily works as a Somatic Psychotherapist and integrates her knowledge from her Osteopathic training. Occasionally, Sarah will support Psychotherapy clients with chronic pain/illness to provide relief with Osteopathic treatment as required and liaise with other healthcare professionals for your care. Therapy is tailored to your needs with modalities such as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, aspects of Gestalt therapy, Creative Arts therapies, and Mindfulness interventions. 

Sarah enjoys staying up to date with the emerging sciences in the mind-body field, such as epigenetics of trauma and how “trauma sits in the body”. She believes that every person needs to be proactive in their healthcare and likes getting to know every individual well to provide the best care for mind and body concerns.

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